Deerskin: Chapters 13 – 24

In comparing Deerskin with Allfur, I have noticed some crucial differences. In Allfur, the princess escapes by playing a trick on her father and then escaping – she is then “rescued” almost immediately, only needing to fend for herself briefly before finding a new home in her bridegroom’s castle.

On the other hand, Lissar’s struggles are much deeper, much more prolonged, and require her to develop persistence and perseverance in order to survive. Lissar seems as if she is left a much more broken character than the princess in Allfur – even after some time has passed, we still see that Lissar is unable to acknowledge the horrors that have happened to her. This is especially moving in the way it is written, for example: “But Lissar persevered; perseverance was the central lesson of all she had learned since … since Ash and she had first set out on their journey.” Not only does this speak to the strength and perseverance that Lissar has developed, but the way in which it is written makes obvious Lissar’s memory blocks. Lissar also must endure a cold winter before emerging back into the world, which seems to have symbolic value, too.

Lissar also requires help from the Lady to heal and find the strength and ability to continue on with her life – Allfur does not ever seem so in need of help. However, as Lissar’s ordeals seem much more serious, it is only logical that help is needed to overcome them.

Lissar also seems to be much more of a well-rounded character than the princess in Allfur – but perhaps this is simply due to Deerskin being a much longer story where more detailed characters are required to hold the reader’s attention.

In addition, I also found this section of the story interesting – it seems very fitting that Lissar has found her way to Ossin, the prince who sent her Ash. I have to wonder if they will ever figure out who she was and where Ash comes from, and whether Ossin’s role in Deerskin is analogous to that of the bridegroom in Allfur. It already seems as though Lissar may have some kind of feelings for Ossin, so I am really curious to see how this will develop and whether her true identity will surface.


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