Weekly Training Journal #5

Do a little research about fairy tale art. Pick a piece and explain what it is about, and why you picked it.

I really hope that “researching” fairy tale art means getting lost in galleries, pinterest boards, and image searches … because upon trying to investigate it, that’s exactly what happened to me. There are so many fairy tales and so many art styles, and therefore so many unique and interesting pieces of fairy tale art that are available on the internet. I even came across some beautiful pieces for sale, like this one.

However, the piece I’m going to elaborate on is a Rapunzel illustration by MyDoodle of DeviantArt. This piece is done in colored pencil and watercolor and depicts a pensive Rapunzel sitting in her tower’s window. Rapunzel seems to be interacting with a bird, and another bird looks on from a nest nearby. Here, we see Rapunzel in contrast to the birds – the birds are free and Rapunzel is trapped in her tower. However, although she is “caged”, she seems gentle and peaceful, if perhaps just slightly sad. The scene is beautiful.

The piece also features ivy on the tower’s walls, and which adds a layer of detail and complexity to the art. In fact, the attention to detail in the piece is one of my favorite qualities of it. Not just in the ivy, but in Rapunzel’s hair, her dress, even the folds of the curtains behind her. I also really like the beautiful colors of the piece – there is just the right amount of color for the piece to capture attention, but it is also subtle enough to seem realistic at the same time. This picture is one that I think belongs in a storybook, as I think it captures the fairy tale perfectly.

I picked this piece because I really appreciate it – not only is it of Rapunzel (which means I adore it by default), but I also especially like the artistic style of it, for the reasons already stated. I also find it very fitting that this piece of art is done by hand rather than digitally-produced. I came across a lot of digital fairy tale artwork in my search, and while those pieces were unfailingly stunning and beautifully eye-catching (and I really liked so many of them!), I did not always get as much of an authentic feel from that style of art. Fairy tales are entrenched in history, so I really like the more traditional feel that the watercolor and colored pencil provide, which is why this piece in particular grabbed my attention.

One thought on “Weekly Training Journal #5

  1. I too picked a Rapunzel piece, more specifically that of Tangled and the lighting of the lanterns. I like how you described the details of everything around Rapunzel and Rapunzel herself as well. I found so many pieces I liked, and I wanted to choose them all, but I picked one that had a lot of color in it as well. I think Rapunzel is just a colorful type of tale anyway, so of course you have to have a lot of colors, or it won’t really match what is going on. Did you pick this because it looks so real as well? She’s not just depicted as a cartoon character, and I like that about it. Her face has very prominent features. Even though Rapunzel has always been caged, I think she is very free spirited, similar to a bird; and she just wants to fly away as well. Great post!


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