Weekly Training Journal #2

Looking through the Grimm collection, what stories jump out at you, why?

So many stories jump out at me. A lot of these stories are unfamiliar tales whose titles sound intriguing. Of course, a story’s title does not tell us much, but for one reason or another some stood out to me more than others. I am curious about “Riffraff” (because riffraff is a fun word to say), “All Fur” (what is furry, I must find out), “The Summer and the Winter Garden” (because as a skier I like all things winter-related), “The Castle of Murder” (this sounds dark and mysterious), “The Blue Light” (why a light, and why blue), “The Lion and the Frog” (because in the past I have liked stories about different creatures interacting so maybe this will be interesting on those grounds) , and “The Golden Key” (what does it unlock, I must know).

In addition, I will admit that a few of the titles intrigue me because I am a Harry Potter fan. I know that J. K. Rowling drew some material for the Harry Potter stories from mythology, so I am curious to see if there are any connections between fairy tales and Harry Potter. Stories that intrigue me on these grounds are:  “Little Red Cap”, “The Bird Phoenix”, and “The Three Brothers”.

Familiar stories also jump out immediately. Perhaps the one that jumps out for me the most is Rapunzel. I adore Disney’s Tangled, and I cannot wait to read the original version of Rapunzel’s story. I know that original Rapunzel will be very different from Disney Rapunzel, but that is exactly why I am so intrigued – I want to see how the story has developed and changed over the years, from the original Grimm tale to the version I heard as a child to the Disney version.

Cinderella also stands out, because I have previously read an older version of it but I don’t recall which version. I am curious to see if this version matches the one I remember reading. Naturally, I am also curious about a few stories that relate to other movies I have enjoyed, including Briar Rose. This looks like it might be the original tale of Sleeping Beauty. I have always been partial to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, I especially love the beautiful Tchaikovsky music in its soundtrack. Another movie character whose story I am curious about is Puss in Boots, who I am familiar with thanks to the Shrek movies, and also the 2011 DreamWorks Puss in Boots movie.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Journal #2

  1. I like that you included a small reason as to why you were intrigued by certain titles of stories. I included the titles as well and certain reasons to why they caught my eye. I noticed some familiar ones but I also noticed ones that I have never even heard of, which is cool because we are able to learn new things about fairy tales, while also reading ones we know a little bit about. I also wonder if some of the stories are similar to what we are used to, and I’m sure there are some similar aspects, but I’m also sure we won’t recognize some of it! Have you started to read any of these stories and noticed anything about the way they’re written? I’m always curious as to what authors do and how they write certain things!


  2. I liked how you related Harry Potter to these fairy tales. I never made that connection (maybe because I am not a big Harry Potter fan) but I can see how these two are related. I also enjoyed your breakdown of why the titles interested you, that kind of gave me a good laugh. I agree that a lot of the titles leave you questioning what the stories are about so I guess they are doing their job effectively. Some of those titles drew me in as well and made me at least check the story out, and see what it was about.


  3. You made a great point about how harry potter originated through some mythologies. I wonder how many different stories where pulled just from the grim brother book. They must have create a pathway for millions upon millions of different stories which is crazy. You and i both notice the same stories that pop out to us. Its probably because of the machine called Disney that pops them out and various different forms and storylines. I do like the Disney versions better because i’m not one for scary, dark and twisted versions however they do surprise me and allow me to keep reading out of curiosity


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